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What is a Liege Waffle?

Centuries ago, the Bishop-Prince of Liege,Belgium, grew tired of his breakfast brioche and asked his chef to prepare something new and different.  Just before baking, he put the sugar “pearls” that were normally on the outside of the finished brioche into the dough directly.  Instead of baking the dough patties in an oven, he baked them in a waffle iron.  His result was a fragrant, warm waffle coated with caramelized sugar.

The prince was delighted.  Of course, all the courtiers were equally impressed and soon the town of Liege was well-known for ‘gaufres de Liege confections. Sugar Waffle is a common name used for these waffles.  We adopted this name to distinguish them from what Americans know as a Belgian Waffle.

Local waffle fare The city of Brussels also developed a distinctive waffle.  The Brussels waffle is made from a thick batter that is poured onto the   waffle iron.  The resulting light, crisp waffle is garnished with toppings such as powdered sugar, whipped cream and fresh fruit.  This Brussels-style Belgian waffle is what was brought to the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and is popular at state fairs as well as waffle and pancake houses throughout the US.

Today, the Belgian Sugar Waffle is a popular street-food across Europe. Served warm, plain or garnished with chocolate, Nutella, fruit, ice-cream or whipped cream, it is enjoyed by thousands of shoppers and sight-seers. Our goal is to bring you a little taste of Europe wherever you are. We enjoy combining the rich, traditional flavors of Belgium with the stunning scenery and green freshness of the Pacific Northwest. The best of both worlds!

The picture above shows the many ways to top the waffles to wow your guests. Of course, a plain waffle in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other is a perfect way to enjoy a sugar waffle.

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